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iMeter program for Android


Program for Android tablets and smartphones

You can install the program from Google Play or from this site (see the downloads down this page). You will also need to connect iMeter device by bluetooth before use.

For more information on installation please see User Manual section.

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In order to install the program form the site simply come to this page from your mobile device, which you would like to install it to, download this program installation file and run it on your mobile.

Prior to installing, if you are installing from the site, you may need to "allow apps installation from other sources" option in android preferences, if it is not yet allowed.

Unfortunately, and it is really really a pitty, iMeter does not and will not support devices with iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod.

This is due to Apple policy according to which it is not allowed to connect not authorized bluetooth devices to iOS mobiles. And it is quite impossible for a small company to make a contract with Apple and get authorization chipsets.

We are working to make iMeter available on iOS devices with jailbreak, but it is not accomplished yet.

Program development priorities

The main purposes which we set for ourselves during iMeter program development are hight-quality and naturally moving needle, close to analog one in appearance and behaviour, and the second - interface usability and aesthetics of the program appearance.

In this connection we tried to make the program appearance as much customizable to user preferences as possible - you can adjust color of most program elements, change scale and needle sizes, hide and show graph and control buttons. This is especially useful for smartphones with small displays - you can leave on the screen only needle and main data like TA and clock, or adjust screen colors to dark tones to save battery life.

We tried to make program controls big enouth and comfortable for operating even on devices with small screens (smartphones).

We are surely only in the beginning of this way, but we propose you to evaluate our first relults.

Hope that together we will make as perfect product as possible, which is in line with the perfect technology that we have.


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iMeter program for Android

iMeter program for Android

Program for Android tablets and smartphones

You can install the program from Google Play or from this site (see the downloads down this page). You will also need to connect iMeter device by bluetooth before use.

For more information on installation please see User Manual section.

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iMeter 2.1 Android

Screen rotation for 180 degrees was added by users request, small bug was corrected.

Download (9.87M)

iMeter 3.2 Android

The following changes were made: 1. Sensitivity values were changed according to suggestions of Max Hauri in order to unify all computer e-meters: no more low, normal and high sens, the sens scale is now progressive, going from 0 to 64, giving TAA from 0,5 TA at 0 sens to 0,005 TA at 64 sens, total 100 times amplification. 2. Indications of Tick, Small Fall, Fall and Long Fall were added to the arrow scale, again according to suggestions of Max Hauri. 3. Sens buttons are made bigger and more comfortable for pressing. Long press added to sens buttons, giving fast sens values scrolling. 4. Only one Set button left, as there is not much need in them as you can tap any place on the screen for Set.

Download (10.07M)

iMeter 4.0 Android

Main change: A text window was added to the interface of the program, which you can insert some C/S text in. Mainly it is for Android devices, where it is difficult to open another window with C/S text. Also now it is possible to change the height of graph and text windows, and show and hide graph, text and buttons in any combination.

Download (10.46M)

iMeter 5.0 Android

Is in a kind of Beta state. Is not very much tested by users. Changes: Full body motion TA action elimination added to TA counter. Before it was a partial body motion TAA elimination - TA counter bypassed only big body motion TAA, but still counted some small ones. Now counter has adjustable body motion TAA trespass value and time, during which TA counter is still paused after body motion has stopped.

Download (11.35M)

iMeter 5.1 Android

Changes: changed the formula of resistance conversion into TA. Previously used quite complicated formula, very close to Mark e-meter characteristics, but it was a bit resources hungry. Now decided to switch to Ralph Hilton simplier formula, as most electronic e-meters use it. It is a bit different but only in the range below 1.0 TA and above 6.0 TA. From 1.0 to 6.0 TA it is almost exactly the same. But it uses less resources and on weak devices it makes the needle more smooth.

Download (10.46M)

iMeter 5.2 Android

Changes: 1. Screen on Android devices is now alway ON during program work - malfunction on some devices was corrected, when phone go to sleep. 2. A possibility was added to use several iMeters on one Android device - you don't need to pair them and unpair in order to leave only one iMeter paired in the system. Now you can keep paired with your Android as many iMeters as you want. When you want to switch between them, you just need to switch the port in Settings/Other sett./Choose device port. In the drop down menu you will see all paired iMeters. This is mainly needed for auditors using several iMeters of different diameters. If you have only one iMeter, you shouldn't bother at all, it will be connected automatically and you won't see any difference with the situation that was before.

Download (10.46M)