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    New iMeter - a wireless e-meter buit-in in solo can Works via bluetooth with Android, Win and Mac OSX devices and via USB cable with Win and Mas OSX. It can be used for solo auditing and also allows to connect the second can for pc auditing. In complect: iMeter, carring bag, miniUSB cable. Please send orders to spronin@inbox.ru.

  • $55

    Second additional connectable can for iMeter When this can is connected, solo iMeter turns into 2 can version. The two electrodes of the solo can are joined together into one electrode, becoming the first can, and the additional can becomes the second can. Material: aluminium covered with tin 30 mkm thick Has spring cable of 0.5 m...

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    Download and unzip this archive to any place on your hard drive, iMeter folder will appear. To launch the program run iMeter file from the root of this folder. Before program use you will need to connect iMeter device to your computer and configure it in the program. It is done only once. See User Manual for details.

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    Program for Android tablets and smartphones You can install the program from Google Play or from this site (see the downloads down this page). You will also need to connect iMeter device by bluetooth before use. For more information on installation please see User Manual section.

    Online only
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    Unzip this archive to any place on your Mac computer, double click on iMeter icon to run the program. Before using it you will need to connect iMeter device to your computer on bluetooth by standard Mac tools and configure it in the program Settings menu. For more info on installation see User Manual section of the site.

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    On Windows PC, if you want to connect iMeter through USB cable, you should install USB port driver. Download the archive below, unzip it on your drive and run one of 2 files inside - for Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit, depending on you operating system. On Mac PC driver is not needed, iMeter should connect and work automatically.

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  • $70

    Diameter - 4 cm, 4.5 cm, 5 cm. Can material - aluminium covered with 99.9% tin, 30-50 mkm thick. Connector to e-meter: jack or mini-jack (with mini-jack to jack adaptor). Cable length - 2 meters. 1.5 m possible.

  • $55

    Classic solo can for classic e-meters. 6.3 mm jack plug, can be made with 3.5 mm mini-jack plug also. Cable connected to the can with screws.


Site is working in info mode only, to make order please write to spronin@inbox.ru

New iMeter - wireless buit-in in solo can e-meter

Modern technologies finaly come into life of Scientology followers.

Having perfect technology of life management and mind understanding, we should also possess perfect technical means, making auditing as comfortable as possible.

iMeter is a wireless e-meter, which works with desktops, notebooks, tablets or smartphones over wireless bluetooth connection and if needed over USB cable.

iMeter is built-in in solo can, so for solo auditing you don't need anything except for solo can with the built-in iMeter and your favorite mobile device, notebook or desktop computer. Thus solo auditing can be done in absolutely any place and under any conditions. No cables and falling off connectors can disturb you any more.

Possibility to use 2 cans

iMeter allows to use 2 cans also. The second can is connected to the solo can with built-in iMeter through a connector in its bottom part. When the second can is connected, the two electrodes of the solo can are joined together into one electrode, becoming the first can, and the outside can becomes the second can.

Reliable wireless Bluetooth connection

Modern and high-quality bluetooth module is used in iMeter, which provides reliable, smooth and trouble-free connection of iMeter with computer in any can position on the distance up to 15-20 meters, which is more than enough for our purposes.

Tests have not shown any connection breaks or interruptions in any usage conditions within the mentioned distance.

Can material - aluminium, covered with tin

Aluminium, which cans are made of, is covered with tin layer of 30 micrometers thick. This is enough thickness for solo can to serve you for quite a long time. Such layer allows to make a sparing polishing of the can with woollen cloth to maintain its shining and attractive appearance.

Even if the tin coating wears off, underneath it there always be 1.5 millimeters of aluminium can body, which is also acceptible material, providing right TA values on normally wet hands (according to LRH materials). So solo can is almost everlasting.

Recommended weared-off can changing is also quite a simple task - you just need to unfasten one screw, get the upper plastic cap with iMeter out of the solo can, disconnect the internal connector and iMeter is ready for mounting to a new solo can, which is the same operations in reverse order.

Aluminium reliably safeguards analog part of iMeter from external conducted interference and electronic noise, thus making indications (reads) as precise as possible. Metal also provides high assembly durability.

Operating time of around 50 hours

iMeter has buit-in accumulator battery of 2000 mAh, this provides around 50 hours of device continuous operation. When solo auditing for 2 hours a day this lets the unit to work for around 3 weeks from one charge.

Such battery does not make the device too heavy - by weight iMeter is comparable to a smartphone with an everage display size and weights around 120-150 grams.

We hope that you will like to audit with out e-meter and that together we will make it a perfect weapon of freedom..

Thank you for your interest!

Programs for iMeter

Operating systems

iMeter works with computers with the following operating systems: MS Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac OSX 10.7 and above.

On mobile devices iMeter supports Android 3.x and above platform, which includes practically most of the existing now Android devices, produced during last 5-7 years. Most of the older devices can be updated to Android 3.x and above.

Unfortunately iMeter does not and will not support devices with iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod.

This is due to Apple policy according to which it is not allowed to connect not authorized bluetooth devices to iOS mobiles. And it is quite impossible for a small company to make a contract with Apple and get authorization chipsets.

We are working to make iMeter available on iOS devices with jailbreak, but it is not accomplished yet.

Program development priorities

The main purposes which we set for ourselves during iMeter program development are hight-quality and naturally moving needle, close to analog one in appearance and behaviour, and the second - interface usability and aesthetics of the program appearance.

In this connection we tried to make the program appearance as much customizable to user preferences as possible - you can adjust color of most program elements, change scale and needle sizes, hide and show graph and control buttons. This is especially useful for smartphones with small displays - you can leave on the screen only needle and main data like TA and clock, or adjust screen colors to dark tones to save battery life.

We tried to make program controls big enouth and comfortable for operating even on devices with small screens (smartphones).

We are surely only in the beginning of this way, but we propose you to evaluate our first relults.

Hope that together we will make as perfect product as possible, which is in line with the perfect technology that we have.